20 Questions x2

Jeff Rients started this off with his 20 questions about your campaign. Then Necropraxis followed up with 20 more.

Here are my responses to both lists for my City of the Crepuscular Queen campaign.


  1. What is the deal with my cleric’s religion? You’re a cleric of Our Lady. Spider goddess of beauty, associated, depending on your sect, with a pantheon of nine gods, of whom she is, depending on your sect, the foremost. Colors: gold, black, red. Weapons: spear, shield. Services: circumambulations, exsanguination of criminals, unison recitations of traditional prayers and scripture readings. Values: family, loyalty, justice, tradition, procreation, inheritance.

    A cleric
  2. Where can we go to buy standard equipment? Hamlets will just have personal property. Villages will have a blacksmith and a church and farm stuff. Towns will have most of the boring stuff. Cities will have almost everything.

    most houses
  3. Where can we go to get platemail custom fitted for this monster I just befriended? Go see the elven smith-slave owned by Ellayen IV, king of Kavaria, at his capital city of Sella.
  4. Who is the mightiest wizard in the land? Gurren, court wizard of Ellayen IV.
  5. Who is the greatest warrior in the land? Ahanon, the king’s brother.
  6. Who is the richest person in the land? Ellayen IV.
  7. Where can we go to get some magical healing? There is no regular place. Perhaps a court magician would be able to do something for you. Or a witch. Or a cleric. Maybe.
  8. Where can we go to get cures for the following conditions: poison, disease, curse, level drain, lycanthropy, polymorph, alignment change, death, undeath? See above.
  9. Is there a magic guild my MU belongs to or that I can join in order to get more spells? No guild. Apprentice yourself to a court wizard, a witch, or a freelancer in his tower.
  10. Where can I find an alchemist, sage or other expert NPC? See above.
  11. Where can I hire mercenaries? Tavern.
  12. Is there any place on the map where swords are illegal, magic is outlawed or any other notable hassles from Johnny Law? SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED
  13. Which way to the nearest tavern? Right across from the notice board and execution grounds.
  14. What monsters are terrorizing the countryside sufficiently that if I kill them I will become famous? Weird blobby white things, elves, orcs, and I hear the nearby village sacrifices its youth to a dragon.
  15. Are there any wars brewing I could go fight? Low level cold war going on with the Crepuscular Queen to the north.

    The Crepuscular Queen???
  16. How about gladiatorial arenas complete with hard-won glory and fabulous cash prizes? In Sella, absolutely.
  17. Are there any secret societies with sinister agendas I could join and/or fight? The Crepuscular Queen’s spies, traitors, and fifth columns are everywhere.
  18. What is there to eat around here? Grits, tomatoes, cornbread, fried chicken, kudzu gelatin.

    git you some
  19. Any legendary lost treasures I could be looking for? The Blades of Alur are a set of nine throwing knives reputed to have the ability to slay gods.
  20. Where is the nearest dragon or other monster with Type H treasure? That dragon that’s supposed to be keeping quiet a few villages over probably has some junk in his cave.


  1. Ability scores generation method? Not needed. Optionally 3d6 in order.
  2. How are death and dying handled? At mercy of the world at 0 hp.
  3. What about raising the dead? Only necromancers rumored to be able.
  4. How are replacement PCs handled? Roll a new one immediately; each class has its own quick-intro feature.
  5. Initiative: individual, group, or something else? No initiative.
  6. Are there critical hits and fumbles? How do they work? Kinda. On a good enough hit, you do what you want. On a bad enough miss, you lose more hp.
  7. Do I get any benefits for wearing a helmet? Not mechanically except occasionally when I may roll a hit location.
  8. Can I hurt my friends if I fire into melee or do something similarly silly? Possibly. Depends on the specific circumstances.
  9. Will we need to run from some encounters, or will we be able to kill everything? Oh Shoot Run
  10. Level-draining monsters: yes or no? No levels, but enfeeblement could happen.
  11. Are there going to be cases where a failed save results in PC death? Yes.
  12. How strictly are encumbrance & resources tracked? Very. Slot system.
  13. What’s required when my PC gains a level? Training? Do I get new spells automatically? Can it happen in the middle of an adventure, or do I have to wait for down time? No levels or automatic spells. Find spells or create them.
  14. What do I get experience for? No XP.
  15. How are traps located? Description, dice rolling, or some combination? Description with saves.
  16. Are retainers encouraged and how does morale work? Retainers not encouraged but not discouraged. Morale checks as B/X when something morale-degrading goes down.
  17. How do I identify magic items? Take to a sage or court magician.
  18. Can I buy magic items? Oh, come on: how about just potions? Not at a store. Monsters, magic-users, or nobility may have some to trade but usually for barter or favors.
  19. Can I create magic items? When and how? No universal mechanism. Generally a spell and the appropriate materials and tools are needed. Recipes can be found as loot.
  20. What about splitting the party? It’s your life.

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