Evaluating the Ashen Ossuary

Pathfinder 2 put out playtest docs. Here’s the first dungeon but annotated by yrs trvly to be actually usable at the table:

Time to talk about it.


Consistent, classy theme. We’ve got a goblin tribe with a weirdo leader in the sewers, stealing things, occuyping and desecrating an area formerly sacred to a death goddess. Fine by me. Easy to drop into whatever.

There’s kind of a loop maybe. If you connect A7 and A12 via secret/concealed portal, you’re golden. Do that.

Some okay traps.







Holy water that gives you vision of future.

Stuff that happens (really good!) when you reconsecrate a holy place.

Locked doors, stuck doors.

It’s dark.


Written as if for aliens from Despacito.

Writers paid by word?

No map annotations.

Map originally had black background, obviously due to collusion with Big Printer Ink.

Seriously, written for a race of brains-in-vats.

Why can’t the BBG just be a fat goblin or a smart goblin or a weirdo goblin or even a hobgoblin, why’s it gotta be a shapeshifter whatever pretending to be a hobgoblin? Who cares? Chad weirdo goblin > fake shapeshifter. And yes, I know the annotation says vampire(?)/bugbear, but who cares if it’s a bugbear or hobgoblin that’s not even one of those?

Too small, too linear, too horizontal. Add a sublevel, some empty rooms, something.

Needs another faction or an interesting NPC.


PF2 seems far too fiddly for my tastes, but that’s really not a problem with the module.



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